2Gbps ‘Hyperfast’ NBN speeds could be here soon

“Hyperfast” multi-gigabit NBN internet speeds could be on the horizon, with retailers currently in discussion to offer double the quickest existing residential tiers.

According to NBN Co, consultation on two-gigabit internet was meant to take place later this year. Retailers want to move things along, however, fast-tracking discussions to now.

NBN Co’s plans involve introducing three Hyperfast 2Gbps tiers across fibre to the premises (FTTP) and hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) technologies, including:

  • NBN Home Hyperfast for FTTP (2,000Mbps download speeds and 200Mbps upload speeds)
  • NBN Home Hyperfast for HFC (2,000Mbps download speeds and 100 Mbps upload speeds)
  • Business Fibre Plan for FTTP (2,000Mbps download speeds and 500Mbps upload speeds)

As part of the Hyperfast NBN consultation, NBN Co is asking retailers about the preferred launch timing. Earlier in the year, the company revealed plans to turbocharge existing plans, like NBN 100, by making them up to five times faster.

Part of the discussion between NBN Co and retailers is whether Hyperfast should launch alongside the speed boost to existing tiers or as part of a phased rollout.

“When we released our proposal to turbo-charge our three highest residential speed tiers, internet retailers were receptive and immediately engaged in the consultation process,” said Anna Perrin, NBN Co’s Chief Customer Officer.

“Several retailers were also quick to recognise our mention of the investments we have made to upgrade our network, which is now opening up the possibility of multi-gigabit speeds.”

When will we see Hyperfast NBN speeds?

There’s no set date for the multi-gigabit NBN plans yet. NBN Co has set a 27 June 2024 deadline for retailers to respond to the initial round of consultation. Once this concludes, NBN Co will confirm its findings in the new financial year.

More than nine million homes and businesses are expected to get the faster existing NBN plans by December 2024. Whether the multi-gigabit Hyperfast NBN plans arrive around the same time or later remains to be seen.

Pricing will no doubt form a major part of the consultation. Here’s how much the current NBN 1000 plans cost:

You can also compare the prices of NBN 50, NBN 100, and NBN 250 plans, alongside the cheapest NBN plans overall.

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