NBN schedule upgraded to deliver the bad news

From time to time as I’m watching Netflix, the full high definition show I’m trying to enjoy throttles down to 240 pixels of resolution. On my projection screen, that looks as bad as it sounds. Occasionally this prompts me to check out the NBN – National Broadband Network – website to see when it plans to deliver high speed broadband to my area. And, invariably, its website has been mute on the subject. Until now.

Previously the website only showed information on forthcoming NBN availability when the cables were beginning to be rolled out in an area. As someone whose broadband speeds have not changed this past ten years – the only bit of computer technology that has seen no improvement at all, while everything else has gotten something like ten times better – this has been disappointing.

But, even if the NBN Co hasn’t started working it your area, the NBN website now tells you when it expects you to get service, based on the company’s plan. Go to www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/check-your-address.html  and enter your address.

As for me, I’m advised of the “planned availability” of the service in my area for … the first six months on 2019. Yippee! I guess. Just another two and a half years to go with no improvements.


A footnote adds: “This is an estimate and could change.”