Nescafe shrinks its Dolce Gusto system for the holidays

The entry level for Nescafe’s encapsulated coffee and beverage system known as Dolce Gusto is about to get a whole lot easier to grasp, with a smaller machine coming to stores across the country so that anyone can see what the fuss is with the Dolce Gusto system.

It’s not as big as the Circolo we reviewed this year, and it’s smaller than the Genio we first saw, which makes sense, since the name of Nescafe’s new product is the “Mini Me.”

You can recall the “Austin Powers” references later, because this “Mini Me” is all about providing hot and cold drinks in a minute, taking advantage of the Dolce Gusto pods seen at supermarkets across the country, but in a machine that can fit in the smaller kitchens of studio apartments, and anyone else with a tight or cramped place to make food.

Inside, it’s more or less the same technology as the other Nescafe machines, with a pump capable of delivering up to 15 bars of pressure, just below the 19 bar pumps used in Nespresso makers, but enough for the encapsulated drinks Dolce Gusto relies on, which can be used for more than just coffee, including hot chocolate, chai tea, and even iced tea.

Outside, it’s just a smaller machine, still going with the slightly bubbly look of the past models, but with a 800ml tank of water, which should be enough to get you three or four drinks before you reach for the tap once more.

And just like the other models we’ve checked out, the controls are easy, with a dial up top that lights up as you select the level of intensity suggested per pod.

We’ll be checking it into our review desk shortly, but for now, keen coffee lovers can find it across the country with a recommended retail price of $149, though if you look hard, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a street price it under that.