Nespresso connects the frother for the UMilk

Encapsulated coffee machines have never been hotter, much like the beverages they dispense, and now to make things easier, Nespresso is connecting its Aeroccino milk frother for a more seamless cappuccino experience.

Last year’s Nespresso U managed to grab a bunch of new customers thanks to an entry-level cost and small size, and this year Nespresso is hoping to jump on everyone else who likes a simple cup of joe with an updated unit that connects the frothing unit.

Rather than exist as a separate component, the UMilk’s Aeroccino is now connected with the U, essentially bringing the plug ports down and warming up the milk for your coffee extraction.

Just like the previous U model, the body of the UMilk is partially assembled from recycled materials, and features three lengths of coffee to choose from: short (ristretto), medium (espresso), and long (lungo).

We should be getting a review unit in shortly to see what has changed, but if you’re keen to see it before we get it, the Nespresso UMilk will be hitting stores this month for $299.