Nespresso touches up its Lattissima range

Nespresso’s brand of instant espresso sure does attract a lot of attention, but if you’re after more than an espresso — say something with milk in it — you have to do it yourself, pouring the milk separately. Unless you eye the Lattissima range, and that’s one model Nespresso is giving the gift of touch.

In that product range — one with an espresso machine relying on the pod system made by Nespresso, and featuring a removable milk frother that can add the milk to your drink for you — Nespresso is making available a new variant that takes what people liked about the regular Lattissima, now called the Lattissima+, and replacing the buttons with something a little more modern.

We can barely recall when the Nespresso launched the first variation of the model, but suspect it’s somewhere around seven years ago — 2008, from what we can see — and times have changed and buttons are a little per se.

Last year, we saw a reinvention of it, with the buttons removed and replaced with a screen, resulting in the “pro” version of the Lattissima and one that was very easy to use, but not everyone has $899 to spend on an instant espresso machine.


To that end, Nespresso now has a middle ground update, called the Lattissima Touch, which from what we can tell, takes that first-gen Lattissima Nespresso machine and removes the buttons, replacing it instead with flat touch-sensitive buttons that are flatter and fit more in line with devices like the U and U Milk.

We’re told a function or two have been added, with a button for ristretto to let you make a shot of espresso with less water (a thicker and shorter espresso), as well as one for just froth, ideal for when the kids fancy a babycino (froth by itself).

Pricing for this one lands at $649, around a hundred more than its Lattissima+ sibling, so if you’re not game to spend the extra $250 on an LCD-equipped model, at least Nespresso has a sense of modern design available in this variant.