Net Nanny



Windowss 98, ME, XP and 2000


$4.60 per month



Net Nanny offers web filtering these filters allow you to block objectionable material on the web, while enabling access to everything else. For parents, this means you can reliably manage what websites your children see. Kids need to be able to access much of the web for its informational, educational and entertainment content. However, a lot of sites out there are inappropriate and potentially damaging for children, featuring illicit content or promoting hate and violence.

  • Get a monthly updated block list of inappropriate websites.
  • Know exactly what your kids can and cannot see.
  • Fully view and edit block lists.
  • Create a “whitelist” of certain websites so that only those sites, and no others, may be visited or viewed.
    Create keyword lists to filter out inappropriate, vulgar or sexual terms on web pages, in chat rooms and in emails.
  • Use pop-up blockers to keep your screen from filling up with advertisements from adult sites and other over-zealous advertisers.

Source: Net Nanny