Netflix coming to Australia in March

Ready for some news that has nothing to do with CES? Good, because Netflix is official, and it’s officially arriving in March.

What is seen by many as the one of the biggest threats to broadcast TV is finally arriving, with Netflix due to land some time in March.

Not a CES announcement (making for a change this week), Netflix has sent word that Australia and New Zealand will get access to its shows in March, taking the time to announce that its original TV series “Marco Polo” will be arriving in March, and that a new season has already been greenly for the show.

Marco Polo

The programme follows the story of Marco Polo through China, and there will be ten episodes of the show each season, meaning there are ten set to go online for season one when Netflix launches in the new couple of months, and ten more when the next season rocks up, likely some time next year.

It won’t be the only show, however, and Netflix has said Australian audiences will get to see Tina Fey’s show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, Marvel’s “Daredevil” series based on the comic of the same name, and several other original TV shows for both kids and adults that Netflix is funding.

There will also likely be numerous movies, documentaries, and archived TV shows that can be seen, though Netflix has yet to comment on exactly what this is.

Pricing is still a bit of a question mark at this point, as is supported devices, but we suspect it will be close to $10 or $15 monthly, with apps available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Apple TV, and likely also for video gaming systems.

That said, we’ll let you know the moment anything else turns up. For now, expect Netflix in March.