Netflix gets the laughs with local larrikins

You can probably expect that when Netflix does finally launch in Australia some time next month, there will be quite a bit of American content, but if you like Australian comedians, they will be some of that, too.

This week, Beyond Distribution and Netflix have hooked up to tell the world — or at least Australians within earshot — that when Netflix does arrive, it will have a few Aussie laugh-makers available for them to watch, with specials fro, Carl Barron, Kitty Flanagan, Jimeoin, the Umbilical Brothers, and Arj Barker joining the list of content on Australian subscriptions.

MythBusters will also be present, another one of Beyond’s productions, while programming for the little ones will include some shows we’ve never heard of (though your kids probably have) including “Mako Mermaids”, “Lightning Point”, and “H2O: Just Add Water”.

“We’re excited to include these top-notch local titles on our Australian and New Zealand services,” said Netflix’s Sean Carey, Vice President of Content Acquisition at the company.

“The partnership with Beyond Distribution will bring Netflix members entertainment from local shores and abroad that we know they will spend many hours enjoying.”

Netflix and its array of titles should be online some time in March, though the company hasn’t yet confirmed an exact date as to when that is coming. We suspect it will be very soon, though, since we’re seeing news from the company almost every week.

Arj Barker's "Harvest" will be available on Netflix when the service goes live in Australia.
Arj Barker’s “Harvest” will be available on Netflix when the service goes live in Australia.