Netgear delivers AC router for Telstra’s cable customers

With all the focus on ADSL modem routers, those with cable connections can be left behind, but if you’ve been waiting for a reason to update the cable modem in your household to something a little more future proof, you might finally get your wish.

A newbie to Netgear’s line-up, the DOCSIS 3.0 AC1900 is a new model of cable gateway for those of you still running the fibre technology instead of ADSL2 which brings the wireless networking closer to today thanks to the inclusion of 802.11ac technology.

That’s good news for the million or so cable subscribers out there in Australia, especially since their category is often forgotten when it comes to all in one devices.

As it happens, all of the top advances in wireless technology tend to go to routers first, with ADSL2+ modem routers coming second, and we’ve certainly seen the 802.11ac advances follow that trend in recent years, with faster wireless speeds and more bandwidth offered on this improvement to the long running 802.11n technology.

Inside this router is dual-band networking technology capable of transmitting across both 600 and 1300Mbps simultaneously, allowing customers to separate their network in two, and providing a fast and faster set of networks for the home. Devices that need the basics can jump onto the 600Mbps network, while home entertainment and download intensive gadgets can take the 1300Mbps one, splitting the bandwidth for devices that need it.

Also included is a 4 port Gigabit Ethernet section, making it possible to plug in for faster speeds when wires are involved.

In Australia, Telstra is taking the reins of this one, teaming up with Netgear to deliver the cable modem router to its customers, which isn’t surprising since it is one of the few cable providers left here.

“With more customers relying on WiFi to connect up portable devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets to the internet, WiFi quality has never been so important,” said Alan Crouch, Director of the Connected Home at Telstra.

“The world’s first Telstra Gateway Max puts our customers at the forefront of in-home WiFi technology and gives improved broadband reach and quality throughout the home with the introduction of the latest ‘AC’ WiFi standard and ultra-fast 1900 Mbps WiFi speeds. These gateways are the first in a range that will be compatible with the Telstra WiFi Network. If you have one of these new gateways you’ll be able to update the software next year to join the Telstra WiFi community.”

Pricing for the new router comes in at a recommended retail price of $216, with availability strictly to Telstra Cable customers.