NETGEAR has released the Nighthawk X4S, Wall-Plug, AC2200 Tri-band ,Wi-Fi Range Extender with FastLane3 and Smart Roaming. It can add basic mesh capabilities to existing Wi-Fi AC home networks.

The Nighthawk X4S (EX7500) leverages NETGEAR’s proprietary FastLane3 Technology that can transform compatible existing Wi-Fi AC networks into an expanded Wi-Fi mesh system to help eliminate dead zones and boost performance.

This technology can enable NETGEAR’s Tri-band routers to create a dedicated wireless link from the extender to the router, removing bottlenecks in home networks so that smartphones, tablets and computers can stream, game or browse the internet.

To be clear it will work with most Wi-Fi AC routers, but it is best with a NETGEAR Tri-band router like the AC5300, R8500 to dedicate one of its two 5GHz bands to create a mesh FastLane 3 link to the AC2200 extender.

The only catch to this is that 5GHz Wi-Fi has a shorter range, so the extender needs to be reasonably close to the router. NETGEAR provides its Android Wi-Fi analytics app to help optimise the network. The X4S can cover an area of 138m2 (about 12 x 12 metres)

This also enables on single SSID Wi-Fi network name and seamless roaming.

It breaks the AC2200 up into