Windowss 98, ME, XP and 2000


$5.90 per month




  • Members will not be allowed to view known pornographic sites on their Netmop protected computers. It is our goal to not only protect your children, but to protect you.
  • Netmop offers a total solution for web, chat, email, news, keywords in search engines, and file sharing. We clean up dirt wherever it is found.
  • Netmop blocks many other categories of objectionable material such as Illegal Activities, Drugs, Bombs, etc.
  • Advanced Filtering: Designed to avoid overblocking, lists are human-verified, voluntary ratings detection, blocks sites that disguise their true identity.
  • No “Work-Arounds”. Even if you get filtering through your ISP (such as AOL Parental Controls) you still need Netmop, they are too easy to circumvent by “dialling around” with a free CD from another ISP.
  • Tamper-Proof . Netmop is the only solution to win the “Unhackable” award at a recent hacking contest. Parents, teens, and children are all safe, unlike traditional filters that are easily circumvented by a curious child or spouse.
  • No password override! No guessed at or cracked passwords, no way to turn off the filter, maximum protection for children and adults.

Source: Netmop