New 3D projectors to rock your world

Front projector manufacturer SIM2 is one of the first on the Australian market with a 3D model. And this works quite differently to most existing 3D displays.

The 3D effect always requires each eye to see different images to the other. There are three common techniques for achieving this. One – used from time to time on DVDs – has been to have both images in the one picture, and using specially coloured glasses to decode them for each eye. Another common one – particularly in cinemas – is to use polarising filters when projecting the left and right eye images, with matching filters in the viewers’ eyewear.

In the home, the most common technology has been to flash the left and right images up on the TV screen rapidly, with liquid crystal shutter glasses synchronised to make sure each eye sees only the images intended for it.

But the SIM2 C3X Lumis 3D projector uses something called ‘Infitec Wavelength Multiplex Imaging’ to generate its 3D effect. This is very different.


It relies on our eyes detecting colour by using just three types of colour sensitive cells in our retinas. One type detects the wavelengths of light in about a 60nm band centred on a wavelength of 450nm. Our brains interpret any radiation within this wavelength band as blue. Not shades of blue according to the wavelength, but just one fixed shade of blue. Another type of cell detects a different range of wavelengths, which our brains interpret as green. And the third does the same for yet another band, and we see red.

The full subtle spectrum of colours we see is simply made up of different proportions of these three colours. Out brain creates the pinks and apricots and mauves to distinguish these mixtures in a useful way.

The Infitec system works by delivering two different wavelengths within that blue band, two within the green and two within the red. Special 3D glasses allow only one of the bands from each colour into the left eye, and only the other one into the right eye. Separation is achieved and you see 3D. The system is claimed to have superior separation to the other systems.

We don’t expect too many people will experience it in these early days, though. The SIM2 C3X Lumis 3D projection system costs between $109,999 and $114,999, depending on lens choices.