New AMD chip could make Windows tablets much better

Even though we don’t report on it all the time, like many big companies have, there’s a constant battle for the best in computer processors, and much of it is centred on Intel competing against AMD. While we don’t often see the latter in many computers, that could change shortly with a new chip on the way from the company.

Originally codenamed “Temash,” AMD’s new “system-on-a-chip” Accelerated Processing Unit has been designed with tablets in mind, and the expectation that hybrid laptops with both touch screens and keyboards will be used widely.

The chip, now called the “2013 AMD Elite Mobility APU” is one of several processors which will offer four cores of processing in a tiny size, aimed at providing smoother computing performance, better graphics (possibly similar to what’s going in the new Xbox, in fact), and an upgrade in battery life.

“As computing becomes more visual and the graphics processor can be leveraged to do other types of processing, our dedication to the software community and the APU architecture sets us apart from the competition and enables us to deliver the best user experience whether on a tablet, a hybrid device or a notebook,” said AMD’s Lisa Su.

The “elite” chip will join a “mainstream” and “performance” model, each designed for different types of computers, with the mainstream being developed for entry-level computers, while the performance is geared at computer users who need the best in a thin and light package.

Performance won’t be the only thing on the table, though, and AMD is throwing in some other features, such as the ability to login to your computer with your face, wireless screen mirroring like Intel’s WiDi feature, and docking ports with support for up to four monitors.

At this point, it’s not yet known which tablets or laptops will come with AMD’s new chips, but we’re sure we’ll hear from some manufacturers soon enough, and when we do, we’ll let you know.