New AOC LCD computer monitors – the F19 and F22

AOC has shown off 2 new LCD monitors. the F19 and F22 LCD, with screen sizes of 18.5 inch and 21.5 inch respectively.

With design cues taken from a photo frame, the AOC F19 and F22 series features uninterrupted lines finished piano black gloss. The encased rear boasts designs never seen before finished in pearl white for the F22 contrasts stunningly to the pearl white rear encasing while the F19 boasts solid black encasing. AOC’s patent-pending single-post stand provides angle adjustment without a conventional base, contributing to an ultra-stylish and lightweight appearance. It is sure to satisfy even the fussiest home stylist, fashion designer or style trend setter, within an affordable budget. AOC’s patented Twist & Tilt stand completes the designers dream. It is ergonomic and simple. Users can spin the tail to lengthen or shorten the stand to customise to their own specification.

The AOC F19 and F22 series 16.9 inch widescreen display enables true full screen HD, removing distortion or annoying black bars that are common in lower quality screens. Placing control back into the hands of the viewer, AOC has also redesigned the Navi ring and multi colour menus, creating a new graphically appealing on-screen menu display (OSD) combined with a more user-friendly interface. The menu now displays clear colour icons giving the viewer ultimate power to navigate between the various display functions.


The AOC FOVI series F19, F22 Super High Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) technology allows viewers to enjoy the ultimate home entertainment experience increasing the contrast between black and white over 30000:1. The AOC FOVI series F19, F22 DCB, Dynamic colour boost technology provides users with 5 colour enhancement settings: 1. Full enhance 2. Natural skin 3. Green field 4. Sky blue 5. Auto detect designed to literally inject vivid colour enhancements into the movie, DVD, TV show or game of choice.

Environmental considerations

AOC understands how important it is to become more aware about the environment, how to conserve energy and minimise waste. In understanding this, the AOC F19 and F22 series was designed to meet today’s demand for greener and more environmentally friendly products. The eco mode function allows for 5 display settings:1. Text 2. Internet 3. Game 4.Movie 5. Sport, to meet the users different viewing conditions. The FOVI series, has also recently been awarded the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Silver Award.


  • Elegant photo frame monitor design
  • Navi ring and multi colour menus, new user friendly design
  • Super-High Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR), increases the contrast between black and white over 30000:1 (F22 model)
  • Innovative tilt structure, AOC’s patented Twist & Tilt stand is ergonomic and simple
  • 16:9 widescreen, true full screen HD, view full screen HD media without distortion or black bars
  • Green monitor, the FOVI series has received the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Silver Award
  • Dynamic colour booster, 5 colour enhancement settings
  • Picture Boost, enable user to high-light a window anywhere as desires and can adjust color in the highlighted zone
  • HDCP ready, watch digital content legally and display high definition image without distortion (F22 model)
  • Eco mode, 5 display settings (Text, Internet, Game, Movie, & Sport)
  • FRC 8-bit Panel, can display 0.5 million more colours than the typical TN 6-bit panel
  • Windows Vista certification


The F19 LCD monitor has an RRP of $209, while the F22 is $259.