New app AskU offers charity for answering questions

Not every app is about shoot pigs off ledges or sending status updates to friends. Some can deliver change to charities, as demonstrated by a new app meant to do good.

Developed by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), AskU is an innovative new app that provides an entirely fresh and amazingly easy way to donate to a charity.

Essentially, AskU is a mobile app that raises money for charity by simply asking questions, and the real appeal of this app is that it asks users to donate spare time and not cash to help those in need.

“AskU is digital disruption at its best, using mobile technology to create economic and social benefits for both business and charity,” said PwC CEO Luke Sayers.

Hands on with AskU this week, we found the user interface was not only easy to navigate, but the idea that you are generating income for a charity was also   compelling and very addictive.

This writer found himself strangely drawn to the sense of wellbeing that comes from knowing that answering market research could translate to a charitable contribution.

On the other side of the coin, AskU has been designed to deliver businesses ‘real time’ insights into consumer and employee behaviour for the cost of 20 cents per question.

Every question that’s answered provides ten cents to programs run by one of the five selected charities, which include Opportunity International Australia, The Smith Family, Redkite, Mission Australia and the Australian Charities Fund.

“AskU is an exciting game changer for the charity sector,” said Jenny Geddes, CEO of the Australian Charities Fund.

“Real shared value between the business and community sectors is difficult to achieve, but I believe this app will truly achieve it.”

AskU is available now on iOS and Android from their respective app stores.