New Facebook video scam on the prowl bringing people in with gory details

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With so much online, it’s easy to be curious about all manner of things to click on. Unfortunately, some of the things you might click on might be out to hurt you and your computer.

Security issues have been a big deal on computers ever since more people starting buying the personal computer — that PC we’re all familiar with — and taking their habits online, and the bad news is that this trend of wanting to trick people to install scams has no sign of stopping.

The latest one is a touch disturbing, with Facebook users being asked to click on a new viral video which actually isn’t a viral video at all.

Just like previous video scams, this one will ask you to click on a video with a title designed to grab your attention, and yet then install a package that says its a plugin to let you watch the clip, suggesting you’re missing the required plugin, even if there’s no plugin at all.

Picked up by Bitdefender, this latest scam runs with the ceickbait “Girl killed by husband just because she kissed another man,” previewing the gory topic with an image showing a woman about to get her head taken off with a sword.

While this video sounds more graphic than the regular suggestion of something lewd which previous scams have picked up on, the result is more or less the same, with a viral package delivering malware and adware to computers, not just infecting the system in question, but also sending the scam around on that person’s Facebook accounts so more people click on it.

As for protecting yourself from it, the rules are more or less the same as they ever were: don’t click on things like it — we call them “social engineering” scams — and grab some internet security to make sure if you do accidentally click, you won’t be affected, and the payload will be thrown out almost immediately.