New Ferrari headphones add some vrooom to your ears

Move over Beats and Soul, there’s a new celebrity headphone in town, and it doesn’t come from a musician or movie star, but from something far older: a car brand dating back to 1929.

Heading to stores this week is Logic3’s collection of Ferrari-branded headphones, adopting the prancing horse logo synonymous with the Italian high-speed car brand, as well as aesthetic values commonly associated with the cars.

“We’re delighted to launch the first earphones and headphones within the iconic Ferrari by Logic3 collection, which celebrate the style and technical excellence of Ferrari,” said Logic3’s CEO Ashvin Patel.

“Throughout the design and engineering process, we have worked meticulously with the Italian brand to ensure the Ferrari by Logic3 collection delivers the excellence that the legendary marque demands.”

The S100 series of Ferrari headphones start at $169 and add a dose of prancing horse to your ear.

Two collections of the brand are on the way, with the Scuderia Ferrari series modelled after the sleek design and innovation of the cards, while the Ferrari Cavallino collection is more based on the “emotive driving experience” and features a slightly different logo.

At the moment, we only have pictures for the Scuderia Ferrari series, with the headphones starting at $169 for S100 earphones, $349 for R200 supra aural headphones, and $349 P200 circumaural headphones designed to reflect the sort of gear people in Ferrari’s F1 pit-teams wear.

Later on, the Cavallino headphones should be making their way out, with better materials and pricing from $229 to $399.

The Logic3 P200 Ferrari headphones will make you look like one of the pit team. Maybe.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Scuderia Ferrari collaborating with other brands to create products with its brand and likeness, with countless products in the past including Ferrari Hasselblad H4D-40 limited edition medium format digital camera, Ferrari Puma shoes, Ferrari Thrustmaster PC gaming steering wheel, Ferrari edition of Kaspersky Internet Security, Ferrari Meridian iPod speaker dock, Ferrari Vertu luxury phone, Ferrari stroller by Bugaboo, Ferrari bicycles by Colnago, and Acer’s line-up of Ferrari-inspired smartphones and laptop computers.

A sampling of the Ferrari product collaborations from the past, including the Kaspersky security program, the Hasselblad camera, Acer netbook and smartphones, and Bugaboo stroller. None of them go any faster because they're connected with the speedy car brand.