New iPhone case makes you look like a retro photographer

We’ve all heard the snarky comments from the photographic elite: your iPhone isn’t a camera. You know that, and it’s one of the reasons why you like using it. But a new gadget has come along to shut those people up.

Called the Gizmon iCA, it’s an iPhone case the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Made up of 32 pieces, the plastic Gizmon is designed to look like a retro camera, complete with a fake lens.

The Gizmon iCA lens doesn’t actually function, as the lens on the iPhone isn’t in the centre, but rather at the top left. Instead, the lens functions as a mirror, useful for when you’re in that self portrait mood.

Like a real old camera, though, you’ll find your shutter buttons work, activating the volume buttons on the iPhone to fire the camera. A small shot shoe is also found at the top, as well as a mount to let you add lens attachments for close-up and fish-eye shots.

We’re not sure how pocketable it’ll make your iPhone, but you’ll easily be the most retro iPhone photographer on your block. You might even stop a real photographer dead in his tracks.