New iPhone to be announced next week

If you’ve been waiting for the next iPhone, good news because Apple will be making waves about its new handset next week.

October 4 in America is the day that Apple will tell us about its next smartphone, but we’ll hear about it the next day on October 5. The rumour mill has been running rampant for the past few weeks and we’re already expecting the new iPhone to sport a different design, faster processor, and a better camera.

Apple's invite to the press for the next iPhone. There could be hints in this, such as the date, time, and how many products (the "1") Apple plans on speaking about.

There’s also a rumour that we’ll see a budget version of the current iPhone 4 make its way out, designed to compete with the large number of budget Android devices now making their dent in the marketplace.

One thing’s for sure: we’ll know what tricks Apple has up its sleeve soon.