New Kaiser Bass photo frames

Even if you’re away from home for extended periods, it’s possible to wake up with the ones you love when you pop a 15 inch Kaiser Baas digital photo frame on the hotel bedside. There’s 256MB of built-in memory for storing photos, plus a card slot should you want to add images or music as a background to a photo slideshow. Speakers are built-in, plus there’s an alarm, clock and calendar function.

And unlike widescreen displays, the 4:3 screen of the Kaiser Baas presents images in their original proportions, without stretching or zooming. It sells for $450.

A more compact, portable and everyday option is the company’s keyring photo frame (pictured). This has a 1.5 inch display, stores up to 70 images downloaded from a PC via simple USB cable, uses rechargeable batteries that are good for up to ten hours of operation, comes with a black or white surround and costs $30.