New Living Mirror Image TVs from Toshiba

You’ve probably seen the technology in mobile phones such as LG’s Shine and several Nokia models. Now it’s available in full-size TV sets as well: an active matrix LCD that becomes a mirror surface when switched off.

Available with a 81 cm (32 inch), 94 cm (37 inch) or 117 cm (46 inch) screen, the New Living Mirror Image isn’t yet at the cutting-edge of technology (as a TV screen, at least): it doesn’t support full HD (it’s limited to 1366 x 768), it has an analog rather than DTV tuner and doesn’t have native HDMI inputs (though you can get an adapter).

But it is thin and designed to be wall mounted, and who couldn’t resist the temptation to shock your friends when your wall mirror suddenly turns into a large screen TV?

The 81 cm costs $6,999, the 94cm is $8,999, and the 117 cm is $11,999.