New mobile out… for seniors

It seems like every week, we’re reporting on a hot new mobile phone featuring the latest touchscreen innovation, high-end sound system, and new wireless thing that’ll set your mind on fire. Not this time, however, because this new phone is aimed squarely at someone that wants a simple phone they’ll have no problems using.

It’s called the PhoneEasy 410s gsm and if the name isn’t a dead give away, it’s an easy phone to use. Doro, the Swedish company behind the PhoneEasy, has designed this phone for seniors who want a phone with big buttons, a loud ringer, and no touchscreen.

“Many seniors are missing out on the ease and convenience of using a mobile phone because of difficulties experienced in using them,” said Doro’s CEO, Jérôme Arnaud. “We feel very excited to be launching these phones to Australian seniors, to help them feel closer to family and friends.”

The PhoneEasy 410s gsm is a fairly simple clamshell phone that comes with some features many other phones won’t have, typically because this has been designed for the elderly who need a phone. You’ll find a dedicated security button for quick contacts in case of an emergency, compatibility with hearing aids, and a high contrast screen for people with impaired vision.

Doro’s PhoneEasy 410s gsm isn’t too hard on the wallet either. With an RRP of $169 and available at TeleChoice stores, it’s probably the phone your mum, dad, grandmum or granddad really wants to see (and not your swish iPhone).