New mobile provider Amaysim attempts to undercut competition

A new challenger has launched in Australia to make a grab for mobile market share, offering cheap calls without the flagfall on a SIM only plan.

The new plans drop the obligations normally coupled with contracts while offering what Amaysim says is a “simple price structure.”

“The simple fact is that Australians are paying far too much for their mobile phone bills, largely due to the lack of competition amongst existing providers and a failure to treat customers fairly,” says Rolf Hansen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Amaysim.

Amaysim hopes to attract customers with call rates of 15 cents per minute with no flagfall to any network or landline, SMS rates of 12 cents per message, and data rates costing 5 cents per MB. This contrasts with prepaid rates from other providers which typically include a 35 cent flagfall for every phone call and rates of 30 to 90 cents per minute.

An interesting surprise is the use of a support team working from Sydney and not from overseas.

If your phone takes a microSIM, you can pop out the middle and use that. Otherwise, just insert the SIM card the way you normally would.

While we like the sound of a flagfall-free phone company, it’s worth noting that the service Amaysim offers is a SIM-only service, meaning you’ll need to bring your own phone or tablet. Users of Apple devices that take microSIMs need not worry as the SIM is both a microSIM and a regular SIM.