New product returns control to parents of gamer kids

You’ve told your kids to stop playing the PlayStation, to go outside and play with their friends, and they’re still ignoring you. Just one more game. Well the control is about to come back, with a new gadget that’ll cut your kids off without you being there.

It’s called the “Parental Control”, a fitting name for a product that has been designed to limit the amount of time kids spend on video game consoles.

Two versions of the product will be available, with both the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation 3 being targeted in this initial release.

The 3DS Parental Control product consists of a specially designed case that not only works out if the child is too close to the screen, but also will forcibly exit a game when a pre-programmed time has elapsed. Parents get to program the time limit, thereby forcing a break from gaming on children.

Parental Control also exists on the PlayStation 3 with a special controller that can also be programmed with a time limit for game play. When the controller hits the time limit, the controller will switch off.

Coming to Australia in May, Parental Control will cost $49.95 for each version.