New Samsung Micro LED TV leads 2023 range at CES

Samsung Micro LED TVs CES 2023

As part of its CES 2023 announcements, Samsung announced updates across the company’s entire TV, projector and soundbar range, with something for everyone. Those served by the latest devices include travellers, regular people who just like watching TV, smart home owners, and the extremely wealthy who like the look of the Samsung Micro LED TVs.

For fans of Mini-LED, or Neo QLED as Samsung calls it, this year’s 4K and 8K televisions will have Auto HDR Remastering, which uses AI deep learning technology to apply HDR effects on SDR content in real-time. This means you’ll supposedly be able to see the textures on old episodes of Gilmore Girls and Buffy while the Neural Quantum Processor upscales to as close to 4K as possible.

For 2023 TV owners with smart homes, you’ll no longer need a dongle to use SmartThings to control Zigbee and Thread devices, as the SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One-Chip Module will now be built into the new TVs.

Samsung Micro LED is the future of TV, at a price

The hero of the range is the new Micro LED line-up, which will offer new models ranging in size from 77” to 114”, and be fully customisable for customers in terms of size, aspect ratio and configuration. Micro LED is a term to remember, because once it becomes more affordable, it’s bound to be the next generation of premium screen technology and unseat OLED.

Unfortunately, it’s got a while until it becomes significantly more affordable. Although we don’t have pricing on the new, bezel-less, more customisable Samsung Micro LED TVs, last year’s models had the price only available on request, and the 89” was rumoured to start at $80,000USD (around $117,500AUD), so it’s not going to be for everyone.

If Micro LED is a bit rich for your blood, there’s always the current reigning champion of the blackest blacks: OLED. The new OLED range will come in 55”, 65” and 77” models, and utilise the same Quantum Dot technology and Neural Quantum Processors that are in the Neo QLED TVs to get the best of both worlds. They still have all the usual gaming features, like a 144Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1, but they now also have AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification.

Samsung 2023 TVs QLED OLED and monitor
Samsung’s big display options for 2023: Neo QLED, OLED, and computer monitors

Speaking of gamers, the big 2023 upgrades to GameBar 3.0 are MiniMap Sharing and Virtual Aim Point. MiniMap Sharing means you’ll be able to see the minimap of your game on any display (I look forward to clarification on what “any” means in this context). Virtual Aim Point will add more noticeable crosshairs on any first-person shooter game to assist with aiming. We can no doubt look forward to the discussion of whether this constitutes an unfair advantage later.

Lifestyle TV fans weren’t left out on this announcement, either. The Premiere short throw projector will now come in an 8K flavour, for those who want their Ultra High Definition movies to be displayed up to 150”. The Freestyle portable projector will now have Smart EDGE Blending, so you can use two side-by-side for watching content in a 21:9 aspect ratio configuration. Plus, there is also going to be an optional Auto Rotating Wall Mount & Stand so you can have your TV automatically change from landscape to portrait if you decide to cast TikTok videos to the TV.

Completing the range is the soundbar lineup. The hero of the new features is AI Sound Remastering, which will use AI to remaster each sound object to make voicers clearer, and make the environmental sounds more immersive without being overwhelming. The range also promises to be the most “customisable and personalised ecosystem available to date”, but the announcement did not fully detail how that worked.

Most of these devices will be available in Australia in the first half of the year, with pricing to be announced later. More details can be found via Samsung’s official announcement, and the company also showed off its impressively large 2023 monitors.

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