New Samsung microwave brings white back

There’s been a trend in the appliance industry for bringing shiny metal appliances that look like the future has arrived ahead of time, so to speak.

Samsung isn’t just focusing on that style, however, bringing a white finish of a new microwave to kitchens where shiny metal just doesn’t cut it.

The Samsung ME6104W offers up a 28 litre microwave with a look that strays away from stainless steel, while offering 1000 watts of power and a ceramic enamel interior, designed to be scratch and rust resistant, while also helping out by reducing common bacteria such as E. coli.

“Samsung recognises that Australians are enthusiastic about home appliances that make life easier and will enhance the look of a kitchen,” said Mike Lilly, Head of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics Australia. “The latest Samsung microwave is packed with sophisticated features including a pristine white finish, touch controls and a durable interior.”

The Samsung ME6104W is heading to stores in Australia this month for $209 RRP, where it can be found alongside its stainless steel ME6104ST brother for $249.