New Sennheiser CX SPORT in-ear Bluetooth headphones launched

Sennheiser CX SPORT

The German headphone specialist has released its latest wireless earbuds, the Sennheiser CX SPORT.

As the name suggests, active people are the prime market for the Sennheiser CX SPORT earphones. They are the kind where the two buds are connected by a short cable, with a control pod on the cable close to the right ear. Another pod is in a similar position on the left, which means that it shouldn’t tug to either left or right.

Sennheiser CX SPORT

The buds themselves have fins to help lock them in place in your ears. There are three sizes provided, along with four sizes of silicon tips. The styling is a bold lime green and black.

Sennheiser says that they have a six-hour battery life. Charge time is 1.5 hours, with a ten-minute charge enough to give an hour of use.

Sennheiser CX SPORT codecs

The standard audio codec used by Bluetooth is called SBC. Its quality is adequate, but many devices support higher quality standards. The Sennheiser CX SPORT buds also work with the AAC codec, favoured by Apple. And with the aptX codec, supported by many premium Android phones. Also included is aptX Low Latency. That’s basically a fast version of aptX, eliminating delays in the sound which might put it out of sync with video on your phone.

Sennheiser says that the frequency response of the earphones is 15 to 22,000 hertz and that they can reach output levels of 118 decibels. Not that we’d recommend listening at that level if you value your hearing.

We’re kind of fans of Sennheiser around here. The company has been in this game for a long time. In addition to making fine sounding head gear (see here and here), it provides remarkable support for at least some of its older products.

The Sennheiser CX Sport in ears will be available from June this year, priced at $199.95 (or ($NZ219.95 for readers on the other side of the ditch). You can buy them in the usual places, or direct from Sennheiser here.

Sennheiser CX SPORT