New Sharp iPod dock aims to make you the karaoke king

Feel like dancing? How about singing? A new iPod dock from Sharp is itching to bring your music talent to the surface, even if it means deafening everyone around you.

Designed for the older iPod dock connectors we’ve all seen and used from before the 2012 range of iPod Touch and iPhone 5 units, the Sharp GX-M10HOR is a portable entertainment system with a 100 watt digital amp, built-in subwoofer, two speakers, an iPod/iPhone/iPad connection, USB host for pulling media straight from a storage device or phone, CD player, FM tuner, and ports to let you plug in guitar and microphone inputs, so you can either sing along, or plug in a guitar and rock out.

“Whether you love to listen to music, play music or sing along to music, the new GX-M10HOR really has got something for everyone,” said Mark Beard, Sharp Australia’s National Marketing Manager.

One thing it doesn’t have is the ability to be all that portable, and with a weight of 7.6 kilograms, you’ll probably want to leave this beast at home. There’s also no Lightning port, so iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad (4) with Retina Display, and new iPod Touch owners will be left out, and may have to run out for either one of the Dock to Lightning converters, or use their own USB cable.

Still, if you need a loud stereo system for a party, you’ll be able to find this in retailers shortly for $329.