New shaver survives a shower for a smarter sight

Most guys we know that actually shave their beards down like to do it in the shower, but there’s always the concern of rusted blades and broken motors, with the thing breaking half way through finishing and you having to walk around looking unkept. To help reduce the amount of half-shaven men out there, Philips has unveiled new waterproof shavers for exactly this.

The products are part of the Philips AquaTouch range, and offer a waterproof shaver with a design that apparently adjusts to thee contours and curves of your face, while also lifting the hair up from the skin and cutting them to be a close as possible.

“The Philips AquaTouch has been designed to help men achieve a comfortable, clean shave for those key moments in life when they want to look their best,” said Tom Paltridge, Senior Manager in Marketing and Strategic Business Development for Personal Care at Philips Australia.

The two models are separated by $100, with the basic $99 AquaTouch lasting 40 minutes on one charge, while the $199 AquaTouch works for 50 minutes on one charge, while a pop-up trimmer has been included for trimming the moustache and sideburns.

If the $199 AquaTouch runs out of power half-way through a shave – and we’ve certainly used beard trimmers where that happens – there’s a quick charge capable of offering one shave in three minutes.

The two product range will be heading to stores across Australia in April.