New snow goggles to let you capture the action arrive in 720p

Autumn has just arrived and in only a few months, we’ll find Winter dropping it’s icy cold fingers over our shoulders. Wouldn’t it be nice to go skiing and snowboarding with a camera strapped to your head? Well now you can.

Designed for the adventurer that loves to record their exploits, the new Liquid Image Summit goggles ($449) strap a 720p HD and 5 megapixel wide-angle camera over your eyes to let you capture it all.

You too can look just like this... just insert your own face here.

An internal battery lets you record for up to two hours of video, while the Summit goggles also feature impact resistant lenses with a level of anti-fog treatment.

If you’re planning on hitting the snow this year and want a way to record what you’re doing to show all of your friends on Facebook or YouTube, this could be a great option.