New Sony VAIO notebook computers – the FW and BZ series

Sony Australia announces two new models to its range of VAIO notebooks – the FW series, a Blu-ray enabled notebook for those seeking serious entertainment technology and the BZ series for business users who want to work in style.

VAIO FW series

Sony’s new VAIO FW series was created for the next generation of High Definition (HD) entertainment. It combines the must-have features of a true 16:9 (aspect ratio) widescreen display with integral Blu-ray capability on both the FW16 and FW17, and thanks to a potent mix of Intel Core2 Duo Processors and ATI graphics is hugely powerful.
Fully experience HD movies with a widescreen image that goes right to the edges of the screen – you no longer have to sacrifice your viewing pleasure or lose your picture with two blank strips above and below your widescreen content. The new 16.4″ LCD display also delivers strikingly vivid colours and exceptional detail, through trademark colour purity and resolution – screen quality now synonymous with Sony, through both VAIO and its BRAVIA range of televisions.

Surprisingly compact, you can slide the VAIO FW series into most 15.4″ notebook bags. This thin and lightweight A4 notebook comes in three neutral colour options to complement the interior decor of a modern living room, bedroom, study or office. Designed with functional beauty in mind, its distinct cylinder form hinge houses the core components of the notebook, including battery, power button and AC adaptor terminal. The surface of the black and white models is finished with a new powder coating technology which provides a slimmer, lighter and tougher exterior that also reduces fingerprints.

The FW17 comes with an inbuilt Blu-ray Disc drive (player and burner) so you can edit and store up to 50GB of personal HD video content onto a single disc. Powerful software including Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0, VAIO Movie Story and Click to Disc/Editor is pre-installed on all models so you have the tools you need right out of the box. Dolby Sound Room technology recreates the immersive quality of a small home theatre on the notebook’s own speakers or headphones.

VAIO BZ series

The new BZ series lets you work in style, with features ideal for those who use their notebook as an integral business tool. The 15.4″ wide screen is perfect for those who need to present directly from their notebook to colleagues or customers, with WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) and anti-glare coating. The BZ series also comes with VAIO Presentation Support, so the 16:9 LCD display that is not required during a presentation can be used for taking notes or checking reference materials, while an image of the external monitor is visible in the corner of the notebook screen. The large screen and security features, including easy login with fingerprint sensor, ensure you can comfortably work in or out of the office.

Other business functions include the new Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology, a 200GB hard disc drive, hard disk protection and dedicated buttons that can be set to your most used applications.

The BZ unit has been seamlessly designed so that it is lightweight, clean-looking and robust. The thin and light magnesium body makes it incredibly mobile and its powder painted coating prevents fingermarks.

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Source: Sony