New Twitter account highlights why taking photos of a credit card is a bad idea

Some people on the Internet think that taking photos of their new debit and credit cards is a good idea, but a new Twitter account should make them think otherwise.

Called @NeedADebitCard, the account shows why taking a photo of your bank card can be a bad thing, retweeting messages with the words “debit card” and showing off the mistakes, many of which have taken photos of the cards and uploaded the images to picture services including Instagram, TwitPic, and Twitter’s own online photo system.

It should be pretty obvious that posting pictures of your credit or debit card is a silly idea, what with people being able to see your details and use them to purchase things online or through phone ordering, but it’s worth pointing out anyway:

Do not take pictures of any cards containing information you’d like to keep private.

While most online ordering systems require the use of a check code – the extra digits on the back used for added security – not all of them do, and some services will happily extract money from an account without using this form of security.