Nikon Asia Pacific’s first ever online gallery


A thousand untold stories lie at the heart of an image.

Maxwell Optical Industries is pleased to announce Nikon Asia Pacificcs first ever online gallery Discover Nikon, a showcase of photographers from the Asia Pacific region and their finest works utilising Nikon equipment.

Discover Nikon expresses the art, time, passion, and experience put into photography. Maxwell Optical Industries and Nikon Corporation recognise and appreciate this art the Discover Nikon online gallery unites 48 photographers into the gallery spanning across 4 volumes: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, over a twelve month period (based on Northern Hemisphere seasons).

This exciting new venture allows you to explore every photographerrs experience, major awards, exhibitions, tips and tricks as well as collections from the Photographerrs biography. Camera settings and information used to produce their images can be found from the Image Information control.

David Dare Parker was the first selected Australian photographer to participate in Discover Nikon. David has photographed for many national and international magazines throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australasia. Publications include LeMonde, Stern, Focus, Australian Geographic, The Bulletin and Time Magazine.

The second Australian Photographer to join Discover Nikon is Mark Watson, one of Australiaas foremost Adventure Sports photographers. The Sydney based photographer has been profiled in a number of magazines and newspapers and will also appear in the FAQ Extreme Career book on shelves now.

Uncover the start of a new season, provoke your emotions, enjoy a journey through an awe-inspiring Wheel of Lifee, search through breathtaking displays of life, love, nature, tragedy and time with images captured by Nikonns highly skilled and experienced photographers.

Discover for yourself the passion and inspiration that Maxwell Optical Industries and Nikon Corporation are proud to be a part of an artistry of beautiful and timely composed images Discover Nikon: Volume One Spring available now.

Source: Maxwell Optical Industries