Nikon brings 24 megapixels, 5fps to consumers with D5200

Cameras barely survive a year before being updated anymore, and we’re seeing just that with the unveiling of a new camera from Nikon that builds upon the design and technology of last year’s D5100.

Announced this week, the Nikon D5200 borrows some of the technology used in other Nikon cameras announced this year – the Expeed 3 chip used in the D4, D600, and D800 – and throws it into a much smaller body.

Nikon's brown-ish colour for the D5200

More focus points are offered than the previous model, jumping up from the 11 of last year’s camera up to 39 with the new one, as are the megapixels, which move from 16.2 to 24.1, making this an even more impressive camera.

It’s also faster, shooting up to 5 frames per second, and even supports an optional accessory (WU-1a) that allows you to control the camera wirelessly through a smartphone or tablet.

Nikon’s D5200 also features all the things you’ve come to expect from a digital camera these days, including video capture in Full HD 1080p, scene modes, creative and artistic filters, and low-light sensitivity allowing you to shoot up to ISO 6400 natively, although Hi2’s ISO 25600 is also possible.

Three colours will also be available, with the regular black sticking around, as well as metallic red, both being joined by a rather interesting metallic brown variant.

Pricing has not been set for the D5200, however, nor has a release date, but we’re hoping for later this year, with a price near that of the original D5100, which should be around $1200.

Meanwhile, a representative for Nikon has confirmed to GadgetGuy that the older camera, the D5100, will stick around for a bit, suggesting that it should drop in price and become an even less expensive way for someone to jump into Nikon’s DSLR system.