Nikon enters action cameras with 4K, 360

You can probably expect that 4K video is a big deal in cameras, and now that we’re about to have more virtual reality in our life, 360 video is important, too. But together? Nikon is there at CES.

Announced over at the global showcase that is CES in Las Vegas, Nikon has taken the covers off its first entry in the huge action camera market, a part of the camera world that is currently dominated by GoPro.

For Nikon’s first take on the action camera, the company is releasing what it calls the “KeyMission”, a name that exudes a sort of spy-like feel, and a design that more or less goes with that whole mood, opting for a slimline and small square of a thing which is black all the way around.


Also going around the camera are lenses. Two of them, specifically, with one of the front, and one on the back, allowing the Nikon action camera to capture video in 360 degrees combined on the one video.

Forget needing to tether up multiple GoPro cameras to capture 360 degrees, because Nikon’s will do it for you, much like the 360Fly that was released late last year.

One trick that separates these two 360 degree cameras appears to be camera quality, because while the 360Fly captured in a not-quite-Full-HD resolution of 1504×1504 — technically making it high-definition only — Nikon’s KeyMission will capture videos in 4K Ultra HD, making them a little more friendly for movie productions, as well as the world of virtual reality where better clarity is insisted upon when you’re taking video so close to your eyes.


“Building on Nikon’s expertise in imaging technology, the new KeyMission 360 provides our users with an immersive experience, allowing them to capture all aspects of their environment without missing a beat,”said James Murray, Director of Sales and Marketing at Nikon Australia.

“With the development of the KeyMission 360, we are broadening our ecosystem into the action camera category, expanding possibilities for users to re-live their adventures and travels in incredible 360° detail.”


One more thing: the Nikon KeyMission 360 is waterproof from the box, meaning you don’t need a separate housing, similar to what GoPro achieved with the Session last year.

We’re told that water-resistance goes all the way to 30 metres down, while the camera is also resistant against dust, a degree of shock, and some low temperatures, meaning people hitting the slopes should be able to capture their exploits in full 360.

You’ll get the chance to do that when Nikon’s KeyMission 360 breaks cover officially in April in Australia, and we hope for a change Nikon even provides pricing. We’ll let you know if it does.