Nikon enthusiast camera updated, new low-light lens too

Not impressed by all the mirror-less cameras? No worries, because Nikon is giving the enthusiast section of the market a bump.

A new model in the common APS-C format, which basically provides a sensor half the size of a 35mm frame, the D5300 is Nikon’s latest entry for the mid-range, offering customers a more than capable shooter without spending more money than they might want to.

While it doesn’t quite have the cut down size that small mirror-less cameras manage, the D5300 packs in a 24.2 megapixel sensor, GPS, WiFi, and a 3.2 inch LCD with vari-angle support, meaning it can be pulled out and aimed at different directions.

Images can be shot at five frames per second, and video can be recorded at Full HD, with support for slow zoom now possible through Nikon’s NAL-1 focus and zoom assist lever, so that it’s a longer more pronounced zoom, and not a super-fast-why-did-we-just-run-into-his-head zoom.

November will see this model, though Nikon hasn’t announced pricing, but before it does, there will also be a low-light-friendly lens coming, with the Nikon 58mm f/1.4 G.

The 58mm length can be seen on Nikon’s full-frame cameras with the FX sensor, while cameras like the D5300 with the smaller DX sensor will see close to 87mm, while the F1.4 minimum aperture will let in more light, and make it ideal for night and dark environment photography.

Like the D5300, there’s no pricing, but we’re told to expect this in late October at stores across Australia.