Nikon pushes for more with the D7000


It’s been two years since Nikon’s first semi-pro SLR got a taste of high definition video, and now it’s getting an upgrade with more megapixels, more video, and more quality.
Following on from the still well-regarded D90 camera, Nikon is pushing the envelope with an upgrade unlike most that has occurred for the company in the past.
For starters, the new body gets pushed from 12 to 16 megapixels, throws in 39 points of autofocus, low-light sensitivity up to 25600, with video jumping from 720p HD to 1080p Full HD. There’s also more room to move with two SD card slots to provide more room and backup options, stereo microphone input for the budding filmmakers, and the same nifty continuous video autofocus that debuted with the D3100 a bit less than a month ago.
All of that working inside of a design that not only has improved over time, but now also has a magnesium-alloy body underneath it. So now it’s stronger than you’re everyday regular plastic camera.
From what we can tell, this is Nikon’s answer to the Canon 60D, and it’ll certainly be an interesting fight when we get both of them in the offices here.
Nikon Australia still has yet to give us an exact price, but we do know that this thing should be hitting stores in October if you’re in the spending mood.


The magnesium-alloy body found under the D7000.