Nikon rumoured to be making an Android-based camera

What if you could Instagram the photos taken on your compact camera, not just the ones shot with your smartphone camera? That’s a possible route that Nikon is looking at, according to a new rumour circulating about an upcoming camera.

Earlier this year, Polaroid unveiled a camera featuring Android as the operating system of choice, opening the camera up to support of applications such as the famed retro-photographic social app “Instagram” and any number of easy photo-editing and camera enhancement tools to be found on the Google Play Store.

While we’re still waiting for Polaroid to release its option, it appears that Nikon may be working on a product of its own, with the rumoured S800 supporting GPS, WiFi, and featuring Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread.

With features like this, you can expect to add frames, effects, and filters easily to photos sporting a much higher resolution and image quality than your regular mobile phone camera, with a chance that the operating system is even easier to use than any of the current crop of WiFi cameras out there.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of another camera manufacturer putting out feelers for Android, with Samsung rumoured to be taking a fancy to Google’s operating system for its cameras earlier this year, too.