Nikon’s next projector camera is here, and it’s cheaper than the last


We first caught wind of the a new compact digital camera yesterday and here it is: Nikon’s new camera with built-in projector and touchscreen controls.
The Coolpix S1100pj is Nikon’s second camera to be equipped with a custom pico projector built into the compact. It’s been a year since the first model – the S1000pj – made its way to retail shelves and now a new model is here with new features and a new price tag.
Most of the expected upgrades aren’t major, with resolution jumping from 12 to 14 megapixel, LCD size shifting from 2.7-inch to 3-inch, and the optical zoom staying the same at 5x or roughly 28-140mm.
It’s not all minor upgrades though, with video now capturing at 720p HD and the rear controls now handled mostly through the big 3-inch touchscreen.
The projector also has taken a boost with a 40% brighter projected image for those photos and videos shot when using the S1100pj.
Interestingly, it looks as though Nikon has been kind enough to make the S1100pj into a usable projector. When plugged into your computer (PC or Mac), the camera can switch into a dedicated mode to project “images and text created and displayed on the computer.” We’ll be curious to see if this means video too, and if it does, we’re hoping it functions well as a portable projector.
The Nikon S1100pj has been set for an RRP of $499, a good two-hundred dollars less than the price set by its predecessor.