Nintendo makes the Wii 2, names it “Wii U”

The big news from Nintendo is that a brand new Wii is coming, and it will use a new type of controller that features a 6 inch touchscreen.

Scheduled for a 2012 release date, Nintendo’s new “Wii U” console will be updated with high definition graphics and a new controller allowing gamers to not only see the action, but also effectively turn their TV and Wii gaming experience into a supersized Nintendo DSi console.

Motion gaming will be there on the new controller, although in a way that's a little different to what's found on the current Wii.

The new controller integrates a touchscreen, analog control pads, directional pad, buttons, accelerometer, gyroscope, rumble pack, camera, microphone, stereo speakers, sensor strip, and a stylus, making it one of Nintendo’s biggest combined technological devices.

What will all of this do? From what we’re seeing, gamers will be able to be a fifth gamer in multiplayer games with a screen only they can see, adopt a different style of gameplay more like that found on the Nintendo DSi consoles, and even play games on the Wii U when the TV is switched to something else (or off).

Interestingly, we’re hearing that the controller will only come with the new console when it’s released next year, forcing all other players to adopt the “traditional” Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers that have dominated the Wii landscape for the past few years.

The good news is that it will be backwards compatible, with Nintendo telling us that “the new console supports all Wii controllers and input devices” as well as “12-centimeter Wii optical discs”, although given its 2012 expected release date, we won’t expect Wii games to be discontinued anytime soon.

Multiplayer gaming on the Nintendo Wii U.