Nintendo sees the third dimension

We’re seeing 3D everywhere these days and now one company that has dabbled with it in the past looks ready to jump on again.

Nintendo has just announced a new console, the Nintendo 3DS. The likely successor to the hugely successful Nintendo DS, the 3DS (tentatively named) will be a portable console built around the idea of 3D, but without the need for 3D glasses.

It’s expected at this time that Nintendo will include backwards compatibility with current Nintendo DS titles including the newly released DSi titles.

This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has tried its hand at extra-dimension technology. In 1995, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, a portable video game system based around the then-hip idea of “Virtual Reality”. The console was a huge flop, however, largely due to the red and black visuals and the nauseousness it caused users.

Regardless, Nintendo hopes to launch this exciting new console by March 2011, with public viewings in June during the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.