Nintendo Wii – king of the consoles

Independent market research company GfK Australia, confirms that 84 weeks since it launched, Wii has sold more than 500,000 units, making it the fastest selling home console to reach this milestone.

Wii launched in December 2006 and the appeal of the Wii is that it has something for everyone. From Wii Fit to Mario Kart Wii, gamers and non-gamers alike will find something that will appeal. Game play with Wii is intuitive, for example with Mario Kart Wii players simply pick up the Wii Wheel and steer to begin racing, and with Wii Sports tennis the Wii Remote is used as a tennis racquet. This unique game play aspect with the Wii Remote ensures anyone can pick up and play.

New Wii games on the way

Upcoming releases for Wii include Trauma Center: Second Opinion, available 28 August. The Nintendo DS surgical simulator comes to Wii with updated graphics, a second playable character, a new sixth chapter and new instruments to wield. In Trauma Center: Second Opinion you take the role of rookie doctor Derek Stiles, a surgeon with the extraordinary ‘Healing Touch’ ability. Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk you can manipulate more than a dozen different instruments on-screen in realistic ways, such as injecting with syringes, making incisions with scalpels, removing tumours with tweezers, and bringing patients back to life with defibrillators.

Available 25 September, also on Wii will be Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. Using the unique features of Wii and featuring stunning, cartoon-like graphics and animation, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension casts the larger-than-life Wario in a classic 2D-style platformer that spans contrasting continents crammed with adventure. Playing with the Wii Remote held sideways, you’ll be able to overcome enemies by using special moves that are activated with a simple shake or tilt.

Source: Nintendo