“Basically you can use this for ten years, and even after ten years, it has exactly the same performance as when you first bought it,” said Peek.

“This for us is a bit of a milestone: we’ve now achieved what we see is the perfect cyclonic system. It’s difficult to see at this point what could be better.”

Dyson’s DC54 will be available in four variants from September 1, with the DC54 Multi-floor arriving for $799, DC54 allergy for $899, DC54 Animal for $999, and the DC Animal Pro for $1099, all values RRP.

Dyson’s spiffy new filter-less vacuum isn’t the only product the company is unveiling today, though; it also has a new cordless stick vacuum that is just as powerful as a full-size model.

Developed with Dyson’s famed digital motor, the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 is a model that skips the bags, doesn’t ditch the filter, but does manage to skip out on the plug, making it rechargeable from a docking station.

Once you take it off the charge, the stick vacuum takes advantage of similar cyclonic technology (though not filterless) and a newly designed motor to make it as powerful as a larger vacuum without the bulk.

Two models will be made for this one, with the Multi-floor DC59 arriving for $599 and the Animal model coming in for $649, both hitting stores in September.