Classic Nokia 3210 phone is back from 1999, and it has Snake

Nokia 3210 2024 edition launch

What’s old is new again: the classic Nokia 3210 phone is back, 25 years after it took the world by storm. And yes, it has Snake.

Continuing the nostalgic trend of classic devices, the revitalised Nokia 3210 comes from HMD, the company behind recent Nokia phones like the G22 and G42. It’s one heck of a blast from the past, as the 1999 handset turns away from feature-rich smartphones. Of course, HMD still caters to the smartphone crowd, having just launched the Pulse range of affordable and repairable handsets.

Like the limited edition Boring Phone, the spec sheet is also a major throwback. The 3210 has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, which is charmingly petite by modern standards. It also has a 2MP camera and a 1450mAh removable battery. Said battery may sound small, but it’s all that’s needed in a handset limited in features.

But there are also plenty of features you would’ve never seen in a 1999 device. USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity, plus Dual SIM 4G support come included, for example. Not to mention expandable MicroSD storage and a 3.5mm headphone jack – the latter of which many modern phones lack.

“The Nokia 3210, a cultural icon, is back at the pinnacle of global ‘dumbphone’ boom as consumers look to balance their screen time usage with a digital detox,” said Lars Silberbauer, CMO of Human Mobile Devices (HMD). “The Nokia 3210 has simplicity at its core, allowing consumers to be totally present.”

“Forget dumbphone, this is 2024’s fun phone.”

Alongside the 3210, HMD also launched several other pared-back Nokia phones. There are the 235, 225, and 215 handsets, all of which support 4G – offering a cheap upgrade following the national 3G network shutdown.

Nokia 215 4G Nokia 225 4G Nokia 235 4G phones
From left to right: Nokia 235, Nokia 225, Nokia 215. Image: HMD.

Nokia 3210 (2024 edition) release date and price

A return to simplified technology also means a return to prices that don’t make your eyes water. Out now, the modern take on the Nokia 3210 costs $129 at major retailers like JB Hi-Fi and Big W.

The retro phone comes in some nice colours too, including Scuba Blue, Y2K Gold, and Grunge Black. Similarly, its companion Nokia phones are all nicely affordable:

  • Nokia 235: $109
  • Nokia 225: $99
  • Nokia 215: $79

For many 90s kids, the 3210 brings up many fond memories. Ben Wood, the founder of the Mobile Phone Museum, believes the modern version will also prove popular.

“The Nokia 3210 is considered one of the most significant handsets Nokia ever developed and was loved by many for whom it was their first mobile phone,” said Wood. “This modern twist on a design classic in its silver jubilee year is bound to grab people’s attention.”

I remember bothering my mum endlessly to play Snake on her indestructible brick of a handset. While the 2024 version of the popular game looks a bit different this time around, it’s sure to nail the nostalgia.

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