Nokia breeding like rabbits. Nokia 2.1 joins the nest.

Nokia 2.1

Maybe it is the long Finland winter’s nights, but Nokia engineers have been giving birth to new baby Nokia’s faster than rabbits on heat. Enter the Nokia 2.1.

This time we think they may have had a little too much Koskenkorva (Finnish vodka that will finish you) because this $199 phone ($149 pre-paid at Telstra) has way too many goodies for the price.

Try a 4,000mAh battery with fast charge and two-day battery life. That also means lots of video playback stamina.

Not enough. A real set of two front-facing stereo speakers (to help hear the humppa – a horizontal Finnish folk dance). What else do you do on those long nights.?

Nokia 2.1

Tech specs Nokia 2.1 (international website here.

  • Qualcomm 425
  • 1/8GB/microSD to 128GB
  • Android Oreo Go
  • 5” HD, 16:9 ratio screen
  • 8MP rear autofocus camera
  • 5MP front selfie
  • Blue/Copper, Blue/Silver, Grey/Silver
  • Cat 4 LTE
  • Wi-Fi N
  • Dual stereo front-facing speakers and 3.5mm audio jack

Android Go (website here)

It is for smartphones with 1GB of RAM. It has Go editions of Google Apps and SDKs for app developers. Go Apps designed for lighter updates and downloads help create more space while significantly improving performance.

Nokia 2.1

The aim is to keep it safe and secure via regular updates and offer the best Android experience on lower cost smartphones.

Price and availability

Available in Blue/Copper, the Nokia 2.1 will be on sale from 4 September 2018 for $199 RRP at Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi and $149 on Telstra Prepaid.

GadgetGuy’s take. Nokia 2.1 is another cheapie and goodie.

We recently had an article “Great phones from 89 bucks”.

Nokia already has the Nokia 1 at $149 and Nokia 3.1 at $249. This fills yet another niche.

I am sure this niche filling philosophy will pay off, and it will be a top-five supplier again.