Nokia E51

Reviewer: David Flynn

The “E” in Nokia’s E series stands for “enterprise”, marking this as a mobile for big business. But we reckon it could mean “Everything Else”, or just about – that’s how versatile and well-rounded this slim Next G phone is. Sure, it’s got dedicated buttons for accessing your email, phone book and calendar, plus a large, lush two inch screen. The stainless steel frame means it can handle a bit of the rough stuff. Toss in wireless networking and this is indeed built for business.

But there’s also the mandatory music playback and respectable 2 megapixel camera for life outside the nine-to-five.

So what can’t it do? The lack of a front-mounted camera knocks video calls off the list. We’d also suggest that you restrict your email activities on the E51 to reading new mail rather than heavy-duty writing and replying, even with the E51’s superbly tactile keys.

If you want to be a real mobile email maven, opt for a smartphone with a QWERTY keypad.

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