Nokia Ovi Maps – updated with real time updates

The latest version of Nokia’s mobile mapping and navigation software, Ovi Maps, is now available for download at

The new version of Ovi Maps for mobile devices opens up a new world of context-aware and location based services for consumers and includes a range of new features such as high-resolution aerial images, 3D landmarks for over 200 cities, terrain maps and a new route overview in Drive1 – the turn-by-turn car navigation guide.

Other new options for Ovi Maps include instant access to real time traffic information such as safety cameras and traffic information available for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne initially, as well as selected European countries.

A new point-of-view information service provides live travel, event updates, and a weather service gives 24-hour and 5-day forecasts.

Pedestrian navigation has also been improved. A straight-line guidance takes the person on foot the quickest route between two points. Beeps and vibrations in the walking navigation mode alert the pedestrian when they need to take a turn along their route.

Ovi Maps takes the maps experience to a completely new dimension by extending the service from the mobile device to the PC or Mac. As well as allowing consumers to explore relevant locations around the world, and collect, create and pre-plan routes, Ovi Maps on web,, enables them to share their location, personal content and experiences with friends.

Nokia GPS enabled devices that can be upgraded to the latest version of Ovi Maps for mobiles include the
Nokia 6120 Navigator, Nokia E71, Nokia E66, Nokia N82, Nokia N85, Nokia N78, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB,
Nokia 6220, Nokia N97 and Nokia N85.

The latest version of the Ovi Maps application for devices will be pre-loaded on the Nokia 6720 and N86 in Q3 and for download at for selected Nokia devices.


The online version, Ovi Maps, is accessible from, and it’s free to use on PCs and Macs. The cost for taking the app onto your phone is $6.99 per month or 35.99 for a yearly subscription.