Nokia’s “Comes With Music” service comes to an end

The never-ending buffet of music originally set up by Nokia is ending, with the management closing up shop for all but a few places in the world.

Released a little under two years ago, Nokia’s music service gave customers access to a catalogue of music available at all times from specific Nokia phones. With over four million tracks available, Nokia expected the service to be a hit.

But this week, Nokia has announced that it will pull the plug in all but a few countries, namely China, India, Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa.

Nokia Australia told us that there will be no “disruption to the service for existing customers in Australia or anyone who in the future purchases an Ovi Music Unlimited-edition device from stores while stocks last” and that current customers will be able to keep the music forever.

Despite that high point, users of the “Comes With Music” service are unlikely to find their downloaded tracks usable on any phone other than ones made by Nokia thanks to the digital rights management (DRM) in place with the service.