Nokia’s Lumia 620 brings Windows Phone 8 without much cost

If you’ve been tempted by the colourful grid look of Windows Phone 8 but didn’t have the money for a new phone, Nokia is looking to make it easier to jump to its Windows-powered ship, with a new handset that fetches a little more than $300.

Heading to stores in late February, the Lumia 620 looks to be the cost-cutting Windows Phone 8 smartphone, grabbing some of the features found in other Nokia WP8 models, changing some, and skipping the higher price asked for the Lumia 820 and 920.

Like its high-end brothers, the Lumia 620 will come with Bluetooth, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Windows Phone 8, a microSIM slot, Near-Field Communication, GPS and a dual-core processor.

There’s also some built-in storage here, with 8GB available inside the phone, and if that’s not enough, you’ll find a microSD card slot to expand it further.

Unlike the other Lumia models, however, there’s no 4G here, and the five megapixel camera included can only shoot 720p video. Also, the 3.8 inch screen is only showing 800×480, though it does offer higher quality thanks to the smaller size than the Lumia 820 with its 4.3 inch display.

It also comes with interchangeable shells, allowing you to change the colour of your device quickly in one of seven colours – lime green, orange, magenta, yellow, cyan, white, and black – effectively bringing back that whole idea of a personalised phone, originally made popular by the older Nokia mobiles including the 5110, 6110, 8210, and 3310.

If that level of customisation grabs you and Windows Phone 8 is where you want to be, you’ll find the Lumia 620 in electronics retailers across the country on February 22 for $329 RRP.