Nomad to upgrade Apple’s iPhone charger with life to go

Ask any iPhone user what their biggest peeve about their smartphone is and chances are they’ll tell you “battery life,” singing it out in unison as if it’s Apple’s greatest problem, but American accessory mob Nomad have a neat little fix coming.

The fix itself isn’t totally unique, but the form-factor appears to be, as the product it hopes to cure these woes is a power bank that fits around the plug iPhone owners use to charge their products.

Designed for an American plug first (we’re told international versions will be coming), the NomadPlus is a power bank that lets the iPhone charger plug into it, siphoning some of the power from the wall to charge its power bank after it has finished charging the iPhone plugged into it.

A 1500mAh battery sits inside the unit, near the 1560mAh supply in the iPhone 5 and 5S, and Nomad tells us that this will provide closer to a 70% charge to an iPhone when it needs the extra juice, which knowing the iPhone of late will likely happen before the day is out.

This is the second Nomad product we’ve seen to grab our attention, the first being the ChargeKey, a tiny Lightning connector you can loop on your keyring that made it easy to charge an iPhone in a jiffy.

Like that product, we doubt retailers will start stocking the NomadPlus locally, since Nomad is telling people to order online, but if either are of interest, you’ll find more about them at Nomad’s website.

We’ll let you know more when we see the product for ourselves.